Indianapolis Spring Cleaning

Get a lush, green and debris free yard

Indianapolis Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning can be a lot of time consuming work, especially when you consider that you have to prepare your lawn for the summer and repair damages from winter. Take it easy and let the professionals at Anthony's Tree Service do the "heavy lifting" for you. From debris removal, to mowing, to hedge trimming, your lawn will never look better than it does under the care of the team at Anthony's Tree Service. With professional quality and timely services, our care experts got you covered.

Our services include flower bed cleaning, tree pruning, lawn thatching, leaf cleanup, lawn aerating and dead spot turf repair. All of our yard clean up and lawn care services are aimed to maximize the potential of your lawn and landscaping for the whole summer to come.

Indianapolis Lot Cleaning

We provide lot cleaning service and we can help you with the following:

  • Brush Removal
  • Bush Hogging
  • Junk Removal
  • Lot Cleanup
  • Storm Cleanup
Indianapolis Leaf Removal

Get a lush, green and weed free yard

Indianapolis Leaf Removal

Are you sick of dealing with those pesky leaves in the fall? Anthony's Tree Service is here to help! Our team provides fall yard clean up services such as leaf removal and gutter and lot cleaning services to help prepare your property for the cold Indiana months ahead.

Fall will arrive before you know it, and removing leaves and additional debris from your yard is important for two reasons. First, it makes your yard look better as the leaves continue to fall. Second, debris removal keeps your grass from being weighed down and crushed and prevents the growth of fungi and diseases that can harm your grass and spread across your yard.

Why is leaf removal important?

Although Fall is beautiful in Indiana and the fallen leaves are great to look at and play in, leaving the leaves creates several problems for your lawn and your gutter system such as the following:

  • Leaves block sunlight
  • Leaves suffocate the lawn
  • Leaves can create fungus issues
  • Leaves clug gutter systems
  • Leaves can damage gutter system

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