Indianapolis Landscape Maintenance

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Indianapolis Landscape Maintenance

Do you need a professional landscaper for your lawn care and landscape maintenance needs? Call the landscaping professionals at Anthony's Tree Service. We provide fast and affordable lawn care and landscaping services for residential and commercial clients in Indianapolis and surrounding central Indiana areas.

At Anthony's Tree Service, our goal is to create sensational curb appeal that brings your landscaping vision to life. That's why we offer premium lawn care and landscaping services. Call (317) 679-5143 to schedule a consultation with Anthony's Tree Service. We'll gladly give you a free estimate!

Landscape Maintenance Services

We offer full service landscape management that will preserve your investment with quality landscape maintenance. Our services include:

  • Snow and Ice Management
  • Leaf and Debris Removal
  • Spring and Fall Clean Up
  • Bed Edging and Cultivation
  • Core Aeration of Lawn Areas
  • Beautiful Seasonal Annual Beds
  • Horticultural Correct Pruning
  • Seasonal Changing of Pots and Containers
  • Winter Dormant Pruning and Plant Protection
  • Complete Residential and Commercial Maintenance Programs
Indianapolis Sodding & Seeding Service

Get a lush, green and beautiful lawn

Indianapolis Grass Over-seeding Service

One great way to keep a thick, full lawn for most of the year is with regular grass over-seeding. The process of over-seeding is simply growing and sprouting the grass from seed. Anthony's Tree Service can assist you in matching the existing lawn in your landscape or converting to a new blend of grass. The choice of grass seed blends and mixes is not something to be taken lightly. A proper blend and mix of grass seed is essential to having the most beautiful lawn on the block.

If your lawn looks like it needs a make over, maybe it's time to considering over-seeding and improving its lush. As we all know time flies and spring will be here before you know it. Contact Anthony's Tree Service today request a free estimate.

Indianapolis Sodding Service

Don't have the patience to wait for grass to grow? Then Anthony's Tree Service con provide you with sod installation services, both for commercial or residential projects of any size. Our sod installers specialize in large-scale sod installation projects. We are experienced in sod installation and have the work force and equipment needed to tackle even the biggest projects. We provide sod installation service throughout Indianapolis and central Indiana in general. If you are interested in sod installation for your home or commercial property, we are the sod installation contractor for you. Feel free to contact us today at (317) 679-5143.

Benefits of Sodding

  • Sod provides instant gratification
  • Sod can be laid any time the soil is workable
  • Sod can suppress the germination of annual weeds
Indianapolis Mulching Service

Get a lush, green and weed free yard

Indianapolis Mulching Service

There is more to keeping your property looking its best than just healthy and trimmed grass. Great mulch beds create necessary contrast and dimension to your yard, but there's more! Besides these aesthetic effects, mulch performs many important functions for your beds, such as adding nutrients to the soil as it decays, it maintains moisture and temperature in the soil, and thwarts weed growth. Mulch also stabilizes soil temperatures to help your plants' roots avoid extreme cold in the winter and heat in the summer.

Our mulch service includes everything necessary for your mulch beds to be eye-catching and keep your landscape healthy. If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact us at (317) 679-5143. We provide free estimates.

Benefits of Mulching

Mulch is an essential element of a well-maintained yard, and these are some of the reasons:

  • Restores nitrogen to the soil
  • Maintains balance in soil temperature
  • Protects from harm caused by lawn mowers
  • Prevents landfills by recycling wood waste
  • Yields a natural appearance to the landscape
  • Controls weed by providing natural ground cover
  • Enhances root vigor by adding to the soil moisture
  • Supplies nutrients to the plant on mulch decomposition
  • Prevents plants against root diseases, drought, heat, and cold
  • Helps in retaining the moisture around the root system of the plant
Indianapolis Flower Planting Services

Get a lush, green and weed free yard

Indianapolis Flower Planting Services

Flowering plants give us pleasure and enjoyment. They also provide critical ecosystem services in our landscape environment. Flowers and other plants serve as a precious sanctuary for pollinators and a tremendous variety of migrating birds.

Brighten up and refresh your flower beds with our seasonal residential and commercial flower planting service. If early spring has come, now is the perfect time to set up or refresh your garden with new flowering plants, but don't be fooled by all of the selections out there. As pretty as they may be, not every flowering plant is suitable for Indiana's climate or soil type. Let the professionals at Anthony's Tree Service take care of your flower planting needs.

Seasonal Flowers

With the proper planning and maintenance, your garden can be beautiful and colorful for a good portion of the year. Our many landscaping professionals can set you up with a planting schedule that keeps your garden in bloom longer. Anthony's Tree Service professionals are also experts at bed preparation which can produce the best results from your seasonal planting. Our flower bed work includes:

  • Fertilization and soil additions to annual and perennial beds (spring)
  • Annual plantings are done in a two week window around Memorial Day weekend
  • Cutting back of dead plants and removal of annuals (fall)
  • Perennial installation is done throughout the planting season

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